Power Units Made in Aachen Fuel X
What is Pumac-Fx?

PUMAc-Fx stands for an innovation alliance of industry & research to build ultra-light hydrogen gas turbine power units in Aachen (Power Units Made in Aachen – Fuel X). In close cooperation between industry and research, a new, climate-friendly propulsion system is being created, which is modular in design and just as suitable for aviation applications, e.g. in modern air cabs, as for stationary power supply or as ship propulsion.

of the innovation alliance PUMAc-Fx

The Strategy & Development (S&D) group bundles the overarching, coordinative alliance work.

In the Gas Turbine System (GTS) alliance project, the basis for the PUMAc-Fx units is being laid.

In the Generator and Power Electronics (GPE) alliance project, a generator platform for PUMAc-Fx gensets is being developed.

In the Fuel Supply (FLY) alliance project, the fuel supply system from the high-pressure tank to the gas turbine of the PUMAc-Fx gensets is designed and simulated.

The System Demonstration (SYD) alliance project involves the adaptation of a transport drone to the H2 propulsion system and flight testing and demonstration of the gas turbine within a LOHC facility.

The Materials & Manufacturing (M&M) alliance project is developing manufacturing processes and materials for hydrogen-based propulsion systems.

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of the innovation alliance PUMAc-Fx

Due to the high complexity of the PUMAc-Fx aggregates, a combination of different technical competences is required.

Currently, the innovation alliance “PUMAc-Fx” unites 25 partners from industry and research (incl. associated partners). In addition to the large proportion of SMEs (14 companies), these also include institutes and laboratories of the two large technical educational institutions in Aachen as well as an internationally active management consultancy.